There are several NBA players that many people dislike, then there are the ones that people really just hate. We will start with LeBron James.

  • LeBron James
    He is the perfect example of a player who is hated for his success. A few other reasons could be that he flops a lot, calls himself the king, he is the greatest and makes sure that you know he is the greatest, complains excessively, he got his coach fired, and he left Cleveland for Miami to win championships and then later left Miami to go back to Cleveland when they signed better players.
  • Larry Bird
    The main reason he was hated was because of his trash talk and his inability to back it up.
  • Christian Laettner
    Since he played at Duke, many people disliked him. People called him the villain and he embraced being called that. He also had many dirty tactics while playing games like excessive trash talk to other players and whining to referees. And since he was selected over Shaquille O’Neal to play on the dream team, many felt he did not deserve it.
  • Bruce Bowen
    He was hated for his smothering defense and he took advantage of the rule book and how to play defense. He also was able to get into another players head and throw them off of their game.
  • Rasheed Wallace
    He was most disliked for aggressive “thug like” behavior on the court and his confrontational demeanor playing the game. The statistics of his technical fouls and ejections speak for themselves.
  • Allen Iverson
    He was a selfish player that looked for his shot before helping one of his teammates get a shot.
  • Kevin Garnett
    He was disliked for his trash talk on the court, and he also was able to get inside another players head to mess them up. His intensity caused opposing crowds to despise him.
  • Isiah Thomas
    He was hated for being considered the leader of “THE BAD BOYS” in the late 80’s.
  • Dwight Howard
    He is disliked for his lack of effort and his lack of seriousness towards the game itself. He didn’t feel as if he needed to ever improve his own basketball skills.
  • Charles Barkley
    He was hated because the way that he spoke his mind. At the time he played it was very uncommon to hear some of the things he said. Also his continual off court issues.
  • Kobe Bryant
    He had an alleged rape case, was arrogant and he was blamed for Shaquille O’Neal leaving the Lakers. He also would taunt players and referees.
  • Reggie Miller
    He flopped, poked, provoked, gestured, teased, elbowed, smack talked and opposing teams and fans hated his deadly 3-point accuracy.
  • Bill Laimbeer
    He is considered probably the dirtiest player of all time. He would pull players shorts, hit them in the crotch, stomp other players feet and foul with the intent to injure a player.
  • Ron Artest/Metta World Peace
    He is hated more for what he did in his past. He had multiple fights on court. He also was involved in the “Malice at the Palace.”

The referees don’t see everything which gives some player’s the option of playing dirty. Most physical sports involve the worst abuse along with underhanded plays and the NFL is no exception. There have been countless  injuries on the football field due to a low blow or a hit below the belt. The idea is to avoid a person with this kind of conduct to lower your risk of a serious injury or a fatality. If a player is found to be abusive, he is fined and suspended from the game. The following is a list of the dirtiest players NFL history.

Recent Top 3 All Time Dirtiest Players In The NFL

The need for a competitive edge has caused Vontaze Burfict to make the top of the list. Burfict is a habitual offender that has had his share of run ins with refs. His most recent attempts at a dirty play on the field was against Cam Newton and Greg Olsen during a Carolina Panthers game where he twisted both of their ankles after a play had went dead. Unfortunately, his management team is beginning to question his professional ability to play football. Sources have said that he has been a dirty player since his college days and there is no indication that he will change.

Fines & Suspensions

$622,400 in fines and 3 game suspension

Odell Beckham Jr. is next on our list for the craziness that he committed during the Giants versus the Panther game. He was suspended for one game due to hitting Josh Norman illegally before and after the whistle. He has been previously fined for on the field brawls and has been known to play dirty when his team is in trouble. He has had run ins with the Buffalo Bills and the St. Louis Rams. Beckham has struggled to keep his composure and the last couple of games has led some of his fans to go astray. Odell Beckham is incredibly talented NFL player and should keep a level head.

Fines & Suspensions

$62,000 in fines and 1 game suspension

Can you name an NFL player that was suspended for an entire season for threatening the life of a stripper and a bodyguard? Adam Pacman Jones is no stranger to dirty conduct in the NFL league. He also go into a separate altercation with another bodyguard at a club. After a dirty play against Amari Cooper of the Raiders, Pacman was heavily fined. He also has a history of physically contacting the officials of the game including a Bengals game against the Steelers. The league has questioned his dirty plays and irrational decisions during his NFL career. He may not continue to have the social altercations that he once had, but he is not afraid to commit a few dirty plays on the field.

Fines & Suspensions

$63,950 in fines and 20 game suspensions

Dirty plays range from trash talking, physical contact, and illegal activities on the field. Underhanded plays will continue to be a part of the NFL. You can count on them to rack up a few fines every season because of a dirty play. They will continue to cause distress for some players and intimidate others. Dirty plays that have involved head to head contact has contributed to major concussions in the NFL league. Opposing players should steer clear and make sure that they are not affected by one of their dirty play moves. The NFL league works diligently to ensure that this kind of behavior is not tolerated and players that are responsible for dirty plays are fined and/or suspended.

There are coaches in every sport that people just can’t stand for various reasons, and below are a few of those coaches. Most of them are not nearly as deserving of the hate they get as they seem to be, and as we learn a bit about them, it is easy to see that. Coaches are often judged quickly, and I think that sometimes they are judged too harshly for what they do.

Tony Dungy, for example, is often hated on for his religion. He is vocal about what he believes, and people don’t like that. They especially aren’t appreciative of the things that he believes in regard to those who are gay. People put him down because of their frustration with him, and he is one of the most hated NFL coaches because of his beliefs.

No one is too big of a fan of the NBA coach Isiah Thomas because he has so many loses. He doesn’t seem to be that good of a coach, and people could see that in the games that he coached early on. He went from one team to another and didn’t seem to do much better with it. And when sexual harassment charges came out against him there were only more ammunition for people to have against him.

Bryan Scott is another NBA coach who is hated by all. He keeps getting job offers despite the way that he seems to be failing as a coach, and everyone is frustrated by that. They can see that he has only taken the teams he’s coached to the playoffs 4 times in all of the years of being a coach, but the teams just keep on hiring him.

Bobby Valentine is an MLB coach who never got too much love. He coached one team and got let go, and he couldn’t come back as a coach again for ten years. But when he did come back, he didn’t do himself any favors. He didn’t do well with the team, and he made a fool out of himself most of the time, too. He is a joker, and while some people might love him for that, there are many who dislike him for his personality.

Joe Torre was an MLB coach with a lot of hate directed at him. People believed him to be overrated when he arrived in New York to coach the Yankees, and they might be right. He might not have had all of the qualifications for the job before that, but he did well with the team. And he went on to have many years of success, which only seems to have made many people grow even more hateful toward him.

As you can see, there are plenty of coaches who have received hate through the years. And while some of them might deserve a bit of dislike, I think that coaches are too often judged harshly. We all have our favorites, though, and it is easy to dislike those who are doing well and showing off, or are doing so poorly that it just hurts to watch them.

The Notre Dame football program is traditionally known for excellence in football and brilliant players. The program also has more national championships of American descent than any other program or college in the US and has a total of seven Heisman trophies which is by far an impressive record. There are many brilliant players who have excelled at the individual level based on their remarkable statistics and the number of awards they have won, but we also acknowledge that their team success and victories have also contributed massively. Below is the top ten list of the best players in Notre Dame football history and they include:

1. Joe Montana

He is an American football quarterback and played for San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. After helping Notre Dame to clinch a college national championship, he began his professional career with San Francisco in 1979. Montana was named the NFL Most Valuable Player (MVP) by Associated Press in 1989 and 1990. Sports Illustrated magazine also named Joe Montana as the ‘Sportsman of the Year’ in 1990.

2. Tim Brown
An alumni of Notre Dame, he won the Heisman Trophy where he was named as the first wide receiver to clinch the word. He has played for Los Angeles and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It was also recently inducted into the pro football Hall of Fame in 2015 and 2009 into the College Football Hall of Fame.

3. Paul Hornung
Hornung has impressive titles such as NFL titles, he is also the first in pro football history to win the Heisman Trophy, NFL most valuable player award and has been inducted into both college and professional halls of fame. He is a brilliant quarterback who could perform universal techniques such as tackling, blocking, running and passing. He played for the Green Bay Packers where he went on to win four league championships.

4. Raghib Ismail
He played for both the American and Canadian football league and was selected as the Most Valuable Player of the 79th Grey Cup. He also played for the Los Angeles Raiders and Carolina Panthers. Raghib Ismail recorded two 1000-yard receiving seasons in the NFL and also was nominated for the Heisman Trophy.

5. Jerome Bettis
Bettis played for the Los Angeles Rams/St. Louis Rams and Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL. He was also inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2015. He has won several awards in his football playing career. For instance in 2002 he bagged a Walter Payton Man of the Year Award and earlier in 1996, he had won the NFL Comeback Player of the Year award.

6. Alan Page
Page was awarded the National Football Foundation Distinguished American Award in 2005. Other awards that Page received include the Academic All-American Hall of Fame in 2001 as well as Dick Enberg Award. He also received the NFC Player of the Year as well as winning the NFL champion in 1969. He has played for Minnesota Vikings between 1967 to 1978 and Chicago Bears in 1978 to 1981.

7. Golden Tate
Tate is still a shining star who currently plays for Detroit Lions. He had previously played Seattle Seahawks between 2010 to 2013. Golden Tate has received several awards, Biletnikoff Award, Pro Football Focus All-Pro, Pro Bowl and Super Bowl Champion.
8. Dave Casper
Casper has had a successful career with Oakland Raiders, Houston Oilers, Minnesota Vikings and Los Angeles Raiders and played as a tight end. Dave Casper has bagged different titles in his football career such as Super Bowl champion (XI), national champion in 1973, NFL 1970s All-Decade Team among others.

9. Tyler Eifert
Eifert played in the tight end position and is a shining star and currently plays for the Cincinnati Bengals from 2013 to present. He has received various titles and awards such as Pro Bowl in 2015, John Mackey Award in 2012 and First-team All-American in 2012.

10. Johnny Lujack
Lujack played as quarterback/ defensive back and had a successful career both at Notre Dame and later Chicago Bears. He won various titles including two Pro Bowl, three national championships, Sporting News Player of the Year, Heisman Trophy and other special sportsmanship titles.
The above list represents top ten most successful players and University of Notre Dame alumni. They not only excelled while at Notre Dame but went on to be celebrated at NFL and international level.