There are coaches in every sport that people just can’t stand for various reasons, and below are a few of those coaches. Most of them are not nearly as deserving of the hate they get as they seem to be, and as we learn a bit about them, it is easy to see that. Coaches are often judged quickly, and I think that sometimes they are judged too harshly for what they do.

Tony Dungy, for example, is often hated on for his religion. He is vocal about what he believes, and people don’t like that. They especially aren’t appreciative of the things that he believes in regard to those who are gay. People put him down because of their frustration with him, and he is one of the most hated NFL coaches because of his beliefs.

No one is too big of a fan of the NBA coach Isiah Thomas because he has so many loses. He doesn’t seem to be that good of a coach, and people could see that in the games that he coached early on. He went from one team to another and didn’t seem to do much better with it. And when sexual harassment charges came out against him there were only more ammunition for people to have against him.

Bryan Scott is another NBA coach who is hated by all. He keeps getting job offers despite the way that he seems to be failing as a coach, and everyone is frustrated by that. They can see that he has only taken the teams he’s coached to the playoffs 4 times in all of the years of being a coach, but the teams just keep on hiring him.

Bobby Valentine is an MLB coach who never got too much love. He coached one team and got let go, and he couldn’t come back as a coach again for ten years. But when he did come back, he didn’t do himself any favors. He didn’t do well with the team, and he made a fool out of himself most of the time, too. He is a joker, and while some people might love him for that, there are many who dislike him for his personality.

Joe Torre was an MLB coach with a lot of hate directed at him. People believed him to be overrated when he arrived in New York to coach the Yankees, and they might be right. He might not have had all of the qualifications for the job before that, but he did well with the team. And he went on to have many years of success, which only seems to have made many people grow even more hateful toward him.

As you can see, there are plenty of coaches who have received hate through the years. And while some of them might deserve a bit of dislike, I think that coaches are too often judged harshly. We all have our favorites, though, and it is easy to dislike those who are doing well and showing off, or are doing so poorly that it just hurts to watch them.